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BONUS: English Language Tips
This is for those not taking VCE English (Mainstream), but rather English Language
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Preparing for argument analysis can be very challenging since every article is completely new.  Apart from simply writing more essays , are there any other ways to prepare for this task?

Well, yes. Even though writing full essays is great initially, it may become tiring or you may reach a plateau point. So, after a few essays it may be more beneficial to create a template.

This is because since the techniques, structures and features of each article can have some similarities, I found it helpful to come up with a template to help you ‘memorise’ parts  of an argument analysis essay.

If you want some background, I also covered how I ‘memorised’ parts of my other essays, and the video for that can be found here (however, you don’t have to watch that in order to understand this template).

Let’s see what I mean in this video