Concerns with VCE studying?

Here we address some of the most common questions, and offer additional tips! 

Depending on what your focus is for VCE, you may like to use the following dividers to navigate to the types of tips and videos best suited to you. 

Tips from past 99.95 students

99.95 ATAR (2020) VCE Tips/Advice for preparing for Term 1!
How I achieved a 99.95 ATAR (without excessive study)
99.95 (2020) VCE Tips/Advice for Term 2 + last week of holidays
VCE SAC Mentality from a 99.95 ATAR student
The TWO Study Philosophies I followed - 99.95 Med Student
How long should you study for everyday? 99.95 student answers
99.95 ATAR - How to prepare for multiple assessments
Top three common study mistakes to avoid (from my experience)

Quick Study Tips

Make your OWN Deadlines | Parkinson's Law | 2-Minute Science-Based Study Hacks
Boost Your Learning Efficiency | 2-Minute Science-Based Study Hacks
5 Tricks to Understand Not Memorize | 2(ish)-Minute Study Hacks
Aim Lower to Achieve More | 2-Minute Study Hacks
10+ Useful Online Resources for Students

Managing Stress

How I deal with stress (Academics + Social)
Dealing with Exam Stress and bad SAC results
How to stay MOTIVATED in school and uni // 3 methods that you can apply today
Falling Behind in School Work? Here's how to CATCH up!

Time Management

99.95 ATAR - How to manage your time in the holidays
99.95 ATAR - What should you do in the mid-year holidays? (subject breakdown + general approach)
What I did for each of my VCE subjects in the Term 2 holidays

Exam Advice

VCE - When should you start practice exams for each subject? 99.95 ATAR (2020)