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Here is everything you need to know about the A+ Accelerator Course

What are you going to Get?

My 8-Step Framework for ATAR Success (with 50+ videos, 4+hrs of content) 

MODULE 1: The Mindset for Success 

MODULE 2: How to Make Top 1% Notes

MODULE 3: How to Dominate Academics

MODULE 4: Biohacking to Achieve Peak Performance

MODULE 5: Acquire Lethal Level Productivity

MODULE 6: Dopamine Detox to Reset Your Brain

MODULE 7: Weaponise A.I. Tools to Your Advantage

MODULE 8: Why Everyone Sucks At Exams

As a BONUS you also get...

BONUS 1: 1-1 coaching session where I provide you with a plan on how to ace school (valued at $197)

BONUS 2: Extra courses based on YOUR feedback (valued at $250)

BONUS 3: 24/7 DMs - where I respond to your questions within a day (valued at $497)

BONUS 4: My personal school/uni resources (valued at $300)

​BONUS 5: Extra module on how ANY student can get a high ATAR - even if you are not naturally smart like me (valued at $197)

With this package you'll be able to

1. Achieve Your Dream Grades and get into your dream university course

2. Become an academic weapon that is well rounded and doesn't have to sacrifice their personal life

3. Dominate the classroom with scientifically grounded + innovative strategies

4. Understand step by step how to ACE high school (detailed, no bs)

5. Save thousands of dollars otherwise spent on overpriced private tutoring

100% Money Back Guarantee

Change your mind? That's all good

You can get a full refund before you complete 25% of the entire course

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No questions asked

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