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4. Become consistent and never procrastinate again, valuable life-long skills

5. Save thousands of dollars otherwise spent on private tutoring

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My 7-Step Framework for ATAR Success (with 50+ videos, 10+hrs of content) 

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MODULE 1: The Mindset for Success 

Introduction to Mental Mastery

It's not hard to reach the the top 1% of students

The power of self-image

The motivation myth

"Do you enjoy studying"

Finding your WHY

MODULE 2: How to Make Top 1% Notes


Taking Notes is 'Overrated' / Waste of Time

Do I need notes for this subject?

Note-taking takes too much time?

My Actual Notes

My Handwritten Notes (Part 1 - Maths)

Explanation of Maths Notes

My Handwritten Notes (Part 2 - Chemistry)

Explanation for Chem Notes

University Notes (Biology) - TYPED

FULL Notes for Specialist Maths 3/4

FULL Notes for Methods Units 1&2

FULL Notes for Biology Unit 1

FULL Notes for Biology Unit 2

Becoming a Pro

Handwritten vs Typed Notes

Linear vs Non-Linear Notes

Taking Notes vs Making Notes

How to revise / memorize my notes

BONUS: What to take notes on?

BONUS: What note-taking equipment do you need?

MODULE 3: How to Dominate Academics


What is this about?

How to Study

Should you Study Ahead? (Pre-Study)

How to Self Study?

How long should you study each day?

How long should each study session be?

What to do in each study session?

Common Q&A

Is Getting High Grades a Competition?

Don't Have Time to Study

The Only 2 Study Techniques You Need

MODULE 4: Biohacking to Achieve Peak Performance


The Importance of Health Optimisation

3 Golden Rules of Biohacking

Secret Productivity Tip - Find Your C____


8hr Sleep is a Myth

Sleeping Duration is Not More Important Than...

The Importance of Sleeping Quality

How to Improve Sleeping Quality

Do I need to wake up at 5am to succeed?

6 Ways to Sleep Faster


Diet - it's not what you eat, but ___

Do You Need Breakfast?

The Power of E

Using E to Gain an Unfair Advantage

MODULE 5: Acquire Lethal Level Productivity


The Beginning of Productivity

The Biggest Myths

Going All In

Work-Life Balance is Bulls*** (if you want to dominate in one area)

WoRKinG sMArt NoT hARd

sO shOUld i STudY 19hRs eAch dAY?

[1] S


Studying is Simple. Here's How

[2] I

The Basics

The Easiest Mistake to Avoid

A Harmless Thing... or is it?

[3] C


Make Sure You're Not Misdiagnosing The Issue

You Are More Consistent Than You Think

You're Not Going to Feel Good

It's More Than Just Missing One Day...

Secret To Being Consistent: Finite Game vs Infinite Game

BONUS: Top 10 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

BONUS: The Most Important Tip to Stop Procrastinating

Wrap Up

Take Away This Message

MODULE 6: Weaponise A.I. Tools to Your Advantage


The Best A.I. Tool For You

Basic Setup

The Fundamentals

Mastering the Basics

4+ Essential Prompts

1.0 Summarising

2.0 Summarising

3.0 Summarising

The Most Common yet Helpful Feature

Advanced Features


A.I. now has eyes

A.I. now has a mouth

A.I. now has hands (to draw images)

Uploading Documents

Customise to You (Custom Instructions)

Specialised Functions

More Specialised Functions (Custom GPTs)

Making Mindmaps

How to know what Custom GPTs can do?

Solving Maths Questions

Your Own Personal Tutor

Endless Possibilities

Overall Takeaway

The Feature I Use The Most

  • The Future

MODULE 7: Why Everyone Sucks At Exams

Full contents list coming soon

BONUS 1: Past 1-1 Coaching Calls (valued at $1500)

Access to past 1-1 coaching calls from students covering a wide variety of topics, such as

- Argument Analysis [PART 1]

- Argument Analysis [PART 2]

- GAT overview

- GAT overview of each section

- Argument Analysis Paragraph Feedback 1

- Argument Analysis Essay Marking 2

- Argument Analysis Feedback 3

- Introduction to Good vs Bad Mindmaps

- Mindmap Tutorial

- Text Response Essay Feedback (EAL)

- Developing an Effective Learning System

- Oral Presentation Overview

BONUS 2 (valued at $500)

Extra courses based on YOUR feedback

Courses are constantly being added so there is even more value

BONUS 3 (valued at $300)

My personal school/uni resources 

All my notes, essays, templates and resources

You've Got 2 Choices

You can choose to do nothing or you can become THAT student

100% Money Back Guarantee

Change your mind?

You can get a full refund before you complete 25% of the entire course

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Ongoing support is great

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Thanks for your help

thank you so much again this has been amazing so far. i would be in such a bad place if i didn’t have your help. i think your plan sounds amazing and incredibly accurate. i’ll get onto that right now and thak you once again 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Just got my marks back!

Btw I got full scores for my EAL outcome which was divided into two parts (the short story and a timed speech) !! 😃

Spesh SAC!

Hi Julian! I'm just happy as I got a good score for my spesh SAC today :)

English essay

Hi Julian I got my creative writing results 85% (17/20). It's not as good as the other one but it was the highest in the year level :) Thank you for your help