A+ Accelerator Coaching

You are going to become an academic weapon

You'll get your dream grades. A place in the university course of your dreams.

And of course, some of your happiest memories :)

In my 1-1 coaching calls - regardless of who you are and where you are, you will receive tailored advice to become THAT student

I will distill down the lessons I've learnt from years of coaching and studying into liquid gold for you to internalise

Because I only take a few students at a time, I will invest heavily and personally work with you every step of the way

My coaching package involves

The Structure of My Coaching Protocol

1 hr onboarding call (where we'll go over any questions you may still have)

Tailored step-by-step game plan for you (based on our onboarding call)

Access to my 6-Phase Coaching Protocol (to transform you into that student)

Fortnightly 1-hour catchup sessions over Zoom (catch up on progress, continue refining and tailoring the game plan so you make the most progress)

Frequent check-ups + calls (to keep you accountable and motivated with your goals)

ALL my paid courses included - include hours upon hours of content, more info here (normally priced at $497)

Extra bonus courses tailored to SUIT YOU (you get to decide what courses would help you the most)

24/7 priority DMs (you know when you go throughout the day and sometimes you have like 7 random different pains or questions, but now you don't have to watch some random YouTube video trying to figure it out, just shoot me a message)

Do you teach specific subjects? (e.g. English, Maths etc)

I used to do 1-1 tutoring for a specific subject (for example I used to help students with only their English homework). However, I noticed some of my students were doing poorly in English, and it wasn't because they were bad at English, it was because they had poor study habits and lifestyles. Once we fixed those, they naturally became top students (and they scored in the top 1-2% of the entire country.

And so my coaching package focuses on you on a holistic level - taking everything into account

Now if you have questions for a specific subject - of course, I'm happy to help to the best of my capabilities. However the overall focus will be to guide you in developing an optimum learning system so you can be a superior student.

What areas do you cover in your coaching?

The areas of my expertise include:

- Specific subject knowledge (English, Maths, Science etc)

- Study techniques (the good, bad, ugly)

- Self-Improvement (Time management, Procrastination, Consistency, Discipline)

- Becoming a well-rounded student (extra-curricular activities, relationships)

- Biohacking (how to optimise your lifestyle)

- Career Advice (how to pick the best university course that you will be satisfied with)

- Overcoming addictions (video games, social media, junk food or porn)

- Anything related to the struggles of being a student :)

In our coaching calls you may like to focus on one area or many areas listed above

Are you interested in becoming a top student? Here's what's next

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For any questions email me at julianlin619@gmail.com

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  • 99.95 ATAR (ranked 1st in Australia for high school academic grades)
  • Premier's Award for English (ranked 1st)
  • Currently studying Doctor of Medicine at The University of Melbourne
  • Studied at The University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League)
  • Deans Honour List (top of university)
  • Graduated my undergraduate degree with 1st Class Honours
  • Author of two ATAR NOTES study guides
  • My free YouTube videos have helped hundreds of thousands of students worldwide (10,000+ subscribers)
  • Students I privately coached have all ranked in the top 10% of their country, with some also achieving the highest score possible
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