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Argument Analysis Flashcards x 86

Argument Analysis Flashcards x 86

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This is what I memorised so I could finish writing argument analysis essays much FASTER & with higher quality. This is a set of 86 flashcards which include: 

– The full template (‘Legendary Template’) I used for all my argument analysis essays. This includes all the sentence stems and ideas I would use for every essay (see attached images) 

– template sentences for analysing common literary techniques (e.g. inclusive language, dichotomy, appeals, attacks, guilt trips). This meant every time I identified a literary technique in an article, I would use the EXACT same sentence structure to analyse it (see attached images) 

– A+ structures for analysing visuals 

– all the vocabulary I used in my essays (including great synonyms for common words you use) 

– Additional tips from raw 50 student


Simple Install Instructions

– To open these flashcards, you will have to install the popular flashcard app ‘Anki’ (look for the free version) 

– Then once you have bought this package, download the file (Anki file) 

– Go into Anki -> File -> Import (and then select this file)

– Enjoy your flashcards! :))

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