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Wordsworth Flashcards x 111

Wordsworth Flashcards x 111

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This is what I memorised so I could finish writing text response essays much FASTER & with higher quality. This is a set of 111 flashcards which include: 

– Essay plans for 90+ topics (including topics from past VCAA exams) 

– Essay topics are grouped into themes – meaning you can apply one essay to multiple topics 

– Contains my full GENERIC essay broken down into separate flashcards so it is easier to memorise (this was the essay I memorised and applied to different topics) – which leads to my next point which is…

– If you see an essay plan that is quite short – that means I just used mostly my generic essay (i.e. same quotes and analysis), but I just changed the topic sentences (or whatever else I wrote in the essay plan) 

(basically the more detailed an essay plan is, the more I changed and deviated from my generic essay – and each flashcard is a representation of what I changed from my generic essay) 

NOTE: automatic 50% discount on these flashcards if bought in combination with any essay collection shown above 

Simple Install Instructions

– To open these flashcards, you will have to install the popular flashcard app ‘Anki’ (look for the free version) 

– Then once you have bought this package, download the file (Anki file) 

– Go into Anki -> File -> Import (and then select this file)

– Enjoy your flashcards! :))

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